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6d Mark II or 5D Mark III



I am looking for an upgrade from my current APS-C camera to a FF.

The biggest thing i am debating is whether to go with the new Canon 6D Mark II or get the 5d Mark iii. 


I am a hobbyist and looking forward to pursue photography as a part time. I have acquired couple FF lenses in the last year and currently using them with my rebel t3i (yes, it is an old camera but still able to get a lot from it).


I like the newer 6d ii as it sports a newer sensor and have some good bells and whistiles like the higher MP, WiFi, GPS, Tilt swivelTouchscreen etc compared to the 5d iii but the latter having more AF points , dual slots  and faster shutter (not sure how often i will use 1/8000 ;))

The 5d iv is another thing i started to consider but i am not much into videos and probably could use that difference to acquire a new glass.


Since both 6d ii and the 5d iii are around the same price, need suggestions as to which one would be a good investment ( knowing would like to  pursue photography as a part time in the near future).


Your suggestions and inputs are very valuable. I have a family photoshoot coming up this october and looking forward to get the new camera for the shoot.






How much fast action/sports will you be shooting?  The 5d3 has more sophisticated autofocus and a bigger spread of AF points. If the answer is "not much" get the 6d and spend the savings on a lens. 


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That can be a tough choice.  The best answer depends upon how you plan to use the camera.  

For the photo enthusiast, the 6D2 should be more than enough camera.  It has a MUCH improved AF sensor and system, which almost rivals the basic AF modes in the 5D3.  The 6D2 has 27 AF points capable of focusing at f/8, while the 5D3 has just one f/8 point, the center AF point.  The number of f/8 AF points can become significant if you use an extender, which can typically disable all AF points, except for f/8 AF points.

The 5D3 has a much better build than the 6D2.  It also has a faster frame rate, dual memory card slots, and a better shutter.  Those features are enough to convince most people to go for the 5D3.  But, it really comes down to how you plan to use it.

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I don't think you will see or even can see (real world use) a difference so buy the one you want.  Or, do get the cheaper of the two and buy a nice lens for it.

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