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6D rear buttons doing strange things


Has anyone else experienced the strange anomoly of half of the back buttons on 6D or any other Canon DSLR suddenly acquiring wrong functions and not reverting to standard functions even when all custom functions and setting have both been cleared.  My two months old 6D just did that: the Q button does Live Preview, the left cursor opens the menu, trash button goes to last picture play, and so on.  Canon could not help me reset it and asked me to send it in for repair, but I was wondering if anyone else had this type of experience. I wish this had happend in teh 30-day return policy, but I will have to go on hoping this will not happen again.  I had hiked 4 miles in a canyon to capture some waterfall shots when this happened; it was crippling since I could not work the camera without those rear buttons doing what they should. Thank you in advance for any feedback.



Hi SamD!


Thanks for posting.


The functions of certain buttons can be changed in the menu under Custom Controls.  These do not reset when you reset the camera.  They must be reset  on their own.  Please follow these steps:


  1. Press MENU.
  2. Select the [Custom Functions] tab.
  3. Select [C.Fn III: Operation/Others].
  4. Select [5: Custom Controls].
  5. Press the TRASH button.

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Hello Mike,


Thank you for you reply.  I was actually aware of what you pointed out and having followed those steps had not helped. Even the junk button would not do what it was supposed to do!  Canon cervice center whom I took the 6D to, checked it out and confirmed that there is an issue with the way the back cover fits on the camera, causing those anomolies.  They have repaired it and sent it back to me. According to them, it is a rare thing.  Again, thanks for your reply.