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6D mii touchscreen unresponsive. Causes Error 70. Is Hard Reset possible?


After looking up and trying multiple solutions to fix error 70 to no avail, I'm now posting here to see if anyone can help.




Canon 6dmii touchscreen is unresponsive. Trying to use the touchscreen causes Error 70. Unable to use the camera at this point unless I remove the battery and put it back in. Everything has been reset to stock camera settings as well.


Fixes tried:


  1. Formatted SD card
  2. Updated 6dmii firmware to 1.0.5
  3. Turned off the automatic sensor cleaning
  4. Turned off all Lens Aberration Correction settings
  5. Did this fix: First, put the camera in one of the C1/C2/C3 modes Adjust as many of the settings back to default as possible (custom functions, image mode etc). I’m not sure this step is necessary, but it’s worth a try. Power the camera off Remove the lens, switch to CA mode and power the camera up again You should see a menu rather than “Err 70″ It will be a cut-down menu as you’re in CA mode without a lens, but it’s there nevertheless. Then get to “Clear Camera Settings”.
  6. And this fix: Remove battery, lens and memory card. Close battery and memory card doors.

    Turn the power switch to ON position, press shutter button and hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Turn power switch OFF.

    This should clear the internal memory and reset to factory conditions.

    Refit battery, close door, turn the power switch ON.



Camera still throws the same error 70 when attempting to use the touchscreen. Any advice on what to do? Called into Canon and they couldn't tell me anything over the phone and that it would have to be sent in. Would rather not as I know this will take 4-6 weeks to get repaired and most likely cost me up to $400. I know that other models with error 70 have been fixed with a hard reset by taking out the date/time battery. The 6dmii doesn't have a removable date/time battery but rather a rechargeable one that is attached to the motherboard. Does anyone know how to do a hard reset for the 6dmii?  



Error 70? 


See this


Seems you have already tried some of them.


If that doesn't help...  I'd let Canon fix it.  If you can't be without a camera, this is one of the best times of the year to buy the refurb camera of your dreams.


Canon Refurb Store



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@shadowsports If I had the budget for a new camera I would. For now I'm trying to look for fixes I can do at home. Fairly experienced with taking apart electronics and fixing them so that's why I go to forums first before sending it across the entire country to a Canon Repair Facility. I did see the forum you linked and tried all the fixes in it before posting myself. Now for everyone else in that thread and others, Error 70 seems to be caused by a few key problems.


Problems causing Error 70 include:


  1. Lens Aberration Correction settings due to firmware incompatible/not-updated in third party lenses
    • Turned it off in my settings, no fix
  2. Automatic Sensor Cleaning
    • Turned it off in my settings, no fix
  3. Faulty Memory Card
    • Formatted memory card out of camera, no fix
    • Formatted memory card in camera, no fix
    • Turned on camera without memory card inside, still throws Error 70
  4. Old Firmware for DSLR and/or Lens
    • All firmware has been updated to newest available versions for 6dmii and third party lenses
    • Turned on camera without lens attached, still throws Error 70
  5. Internal Memory Bug
    • Can't find a way to do a hard-reset and clear the internal memory ("Clear all Camera Settings" does not work for this)
    • No way to verify if this is the issue with my DSLR
  6. Touchscreen Issues
    • No fixes online available

Everything I have seen online points towards Error 70 happening on my camera due to two things. Most obvious is the touchscreen issue (due to it throwing the error every single time) but it could be in conjunction with a bug in the internal memory as well according to what I've read up on it. I have made sure to check and double check that the error isn't caused by anything else.


@Waddizzle touchscreen will not respond to any touches in any situation, live view or otherwise (buttons and dials still work). After multiple touches on screen Error 70 is thrown. Camera then becomes completely unresponsive and buttons/dials also stop working. This is with the memory card in or out of camera. 


So at this point I am wondering, has anyone else had a unresponsive touchscreen that causes Error 70? Were you able to fix it yourself or did you have to send it in to Canon? If you had to get it repaired, how much did the repair cost?

I've got this exact issue on my second hand M50, which I'm having to send back now.

I've used it for a couple of weeks at home, just on a tripod. The touchscreen stopped working when I press it to change focus point / tweak ISO.


I get the Err 70 with or without a memory card in the device, and the card can be written to just fine if I record.  But repeated pressing of the screen eventually triggers the Err 70 or a freeze for the device which then requires a battery pull.


Disappointed, I was really getting into the camera (despite the weird 29.97fps instead of 30)


"Canon 6dmii touchscreen is unresponsive. Trying to use the touchscreen causes Error 70. Unable to use the camera at this point unless I remove the battery and put it back in. Everything has been reset to stock camera settings as well."


What are you trying to do when you try to use the touchscreen?  If you are using Touch Shutter in Live View, then try a new memory card.. I think there is some problem writing to your memory card.  Error 70 is related to images not being properly stored on the memory card.

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