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6D mark II VF Grid options



I recently bought a 6D mark 2 body and trying to set a 3x3 grid in the view finder like in Nicon cameras. I've dug through the manual and only found the live view option for displaying 3 by 3 grid but not for the VF. Is there an option to set such a grid in a view finder?

I'm running firmware 1.0.5 and didn't see any change logs fixing this for the 1.1.0 version on the canon site, so doubt that the update will help. 



You can enable a grid in the OVF, but there is only one option and it is not 3x3.  A 3x3 option is available in Live View mode.  I recommend that you visit the Canon Support Page for the 6D2 and download documentation and software.

If you purchased a used camera it is a very good idea to go through all of the menus and reset everything you can find back to its factory default.  You want to start with the camera in a known state.

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Indeed.  Page 79

eos6d-mk2-im4-en.pdf (


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Remember, the 6D viewfinder is not a digital image, but a live image from the mirror. Adding lots of stuff to the display is not nearly as easy as for a mirrorless camera's viewfinder.