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6D Mark II - intervalometer and Long Exposure Noise Reduction


I just picked up a 6D2 after having a 6D for 5 years.  I do a lot of Astrophotography with my 6D and hoping for same with Mark II.


I was excited about the built-in intervalometer, but am disappointed that you cannot use it with mirror lock, long exposure noise reduction (LENR) buffering nor programmed bulb exposure.


1)  on my 6D with Magiclantern, its intervalometer works great with mitt or lockup and shutter delay of 2S.  At each intervalometer tick, the mirror locks, the 2 sec delay counts, then my long exposure starts.  6D2 does not support this.  😞


With an an external intervalometer, if you turn on LENR, the first image fires, then as it starts if LENR, if another image is started, the LENR is suspended and next image starts. After 3 images, LENR runs a full dark exposure and is automatically subtracted from the previous 3 exposures which were buffered... then all 3 saved.  Then 3 more exposures and a single dark. Etc.  with Mark II intervalometer, thevLENR is not interrupted, so a full LENR Is generated after every image and applied.


too bad.  It certainly can be done but canon won”t do it.


jim in Boulder 



I would think that it is probably better to periodically capture a “dark frame”, and then do the noise reduction in post.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Thanks for your note. The traditional way is to capture a series of darks at the end of the session, average and apply to all images in post. Being able to have a dark automatically captured and applied to a 3-buffer series is mathematically the same, adds relatively small amount to capture time, and at the end of your shoot it’s DONE! Sweeet! I’ve done this with external intervalometer. Just too bad the internal one behaves differently. Thanks
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