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60D error message error 20 message


Getting an error message when taking a picture. error message 20. Message says to turn off camera and reinstall battery. Have tried that several times still will not shoot. Tried 2 different batteries fully charged. Still will not shoot. Used the camera a few weeks ago and worked fine. Any ideas?


If it is new, send it for service.


Here's a link to the Canon article on these errors:


Err 20 means your camera has a mechanical problem (not an electronic problem.)  There are only a few moving parts on the camera which include the shutter curtains (two of them) and the reflex mirror mechanism (which is actually two mirrors -- there is a tiny mirror for the auto-focus system hiding behind the large reflex mirror that you can see when the lens is removed.  But Canon's article on this also indicates that this issue can be caused by a problem with the aperture.. the aperture is in the lens, not the camera.   Do you have a different lens you can use to test?


If it is the camera (vs. the lens) then something may be jamming the mirror.  


If you remove the lens, power up the camera, and use the menus to put the camera into manual "sensor cleaning" mode (which causes the camera to raise the reflex mirror and open the shutter) you may be able to visually "see" the problem.


But whether or not you can see the issue... clearning the issue is a different problem and one best left to a repair tech.


If it's in the lens, then you can use the Depth of Field Preview button (DOF Preview).  There's a small black button near the lens mounting flange -- on the opposite side of the lens from the lens release button.  If you put the camera into Aperture priority mode (Av = Aperture value), select a high f-stop value (e.g. f/11, f/16, etc.) and press and hold that button, you should see the aperture blades constrict down to a small opening (higher aperture values indicate a smaller physical aperture opening because the value indicates the number of times the "diamter" of the opening (in milimeters) divides into the focal length of the lens.)


If an aperture blade is jamming or sticking then you would likely see it when using the DOF Preview button.  Such an issue would mean that the lens would require service (you should not attempt to fix this yourself as it would require significant disassembly of the lens -- and if there is a broken part you wouldn't easily be able to get the repair parts anyway.)


I would contact Canon service and arrange for repair.



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da


In Canon 60d Manual the solution to this error is given in such way that:

Turn the power off, then remove and re-install the battery. Then turn the power on again.


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