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60D Shutter Count w/Firmware 1.1.2


Hi Folks,


How do I tell what my shutter count is? With the 1.1.2 Firmware on the 60D, I can't seem to find any software to read the shutter count. Any suggestions? 





Rising Star

Google it and you will find several free programs online for checking shutter counts of Canon Dslrs.


Of course you may also send your camera to Canon for cleaning service and asked for the information.


I use "Shutter Count" by Dire Studio.  It looks like it's currently priced at $4 (I think I bought it when it was $2... maybe it was $3.  All I remember is that I didn't have to make too many lifestyle adjustments to be able to afford it.)


While the camera itself will count the shutter actuations... it doesn't display them (there's no menu, etc. that you can check) nor does it record shutter count in the image data.  Nor does the Canon supplied software for your computer show this info.


The official answer is that if you send in a camera for cleaning or service, you can ask the Canon service center to give you the shutter count and they'll provide it using their own tools.


Unofficially... there are 3rd party programs that read the shutter count.  These are obviously not supported by Canon.  If you're buying software to read the shutter count, check the list of cameras that are known to work with that software.



Tim Campbell
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