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5d4 firmware


My brand new 5d4 came with firmware version 1.3.4, but I am unable to find any reference to this FW version. Everything that I can find refers to 1.3.3 as being the latest.



Me too - when I check I see on 1.303!   That's very curious...

cheers, TREVOR

Before you ask us, have you looked in the manual or on the Canon Support Site?
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Did you buy the camera online?  

What camera model number is being reported in EXIF data of the image files?

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Purchased from B&H Photo, delivered 7/29/22. 


Do you have the model with Canon Log Firmware?

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I did not pay for a camera with Canon Log.

Since the camera is in the repair facility I am unable to determine what is does or does not have.

Thanks for your help

The 5D mk III has FW 1.3.4 available.

But a 5D mkIV with CanonLog might have 1.3.4 as Wadizzle suggests.

Why is a brand new camera purchased 7/29 at Canon for repair?  What happened?


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He might be getting it calibrated, a common necessity for DSLR AF.


The reason that it is in the shop is a long story. I'll try to make a condensed version.

I was able to select AF from my quick view screen on my 5d2 I wanted to have the same capability with my 5d4. There is a Rudy Winston YouTube that shows how to make it happen, well it would not happen on the 5d4 when I tried it. So, I contacted CITS and spoke to a rep, who after a back and forth discussion of try this, now try that, it still would not work. She then contacted somebody at her end who tried on a camera. After a few minutes she returned to me and said that the guy at her end couldn't make it happen either and that I should send it to Factory Service.  Waiting to hear back.