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5d mk iv focus point issue


Hi Folks!

New to this forum.  Last year I had purchased (briefly) a 5D mk 4 as a replacement for a broken 5d mk 3.  The 5D4 had spot on focus only when I had the center AF point (or the immediately surrounding center AF points) selected.  When I used the peripheral single AF points either on the far left or far right, the focal plane was off by and inch it seemed.  I set up a doll in the studio and had the camera on a tripod so as to ensure I was shooting on a parallel plane to the doll's face.  Positioning the camera vertically and shooting in the rule of thirds I selected the top AF points to focus on the dolls eyes.  The result was that the doll's eyes were not in the plane of focus and the focal plane occured about an inch in front of the eyes.  I raised the camera so that the doll's eyes were then in the center of the frame and used the center AF points and I got perfect focus.  I don't know a better way to describe it but it seemed that it was front focusing on AF focus points that were not in the center of the AF grid.  Thinking this was a fluke, I returned the camera body for a replacement and the same thing happened.  I used both a 70-200 lens and a 24-105 and the results were consistent.  I ended up returning the replacement and purchasing another 5d3 with no AF problems.


I've talked with one other photographer who said he experienced the same problem with the 5d4's peripheral AF points and returned it.  I'm curious, has anyone else experienced this issue with a 5d4?  I mostly do portraits and needed to be able to use the far end AF points so I can shoot in thirds and not put my subject's eyes in the center of the frame.


@sachinkhanna48 wrote:

Hello forum admin I have same issue

Generally, forum moderators do not reply to posts, not unless there is an acute problem of some sort.


Post sample photos that demonstrate the problem.  Be sure to include exposure data,, as well as, describe the camera’s shooting mode, focusing mode, and lighting conditions.

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