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5D MkIII cant take pictures, video working, shutter error


My 5D mkIII cannot take pictures but it can still record videos. Its strange because when I switch to video mode the shutter clicks and when I turn it off it clicks again.

I dissesembled it but i see no particular damage to its shutter module, maybe the lower rolling shutter got stuck and the magnet couldnt trigger it or the magnet cannot function anymore. Also this was waterdamaged at some point but when i opened it i cpuldnt see much. The first owner sent it to a repair shop when the shutter died and they said it had water in it before.

Can you guys give me some ideas where can be the problem, maybe in other parts of the camera or more deep down it the shutter mechanism?





Are you sure it is the shutter and not something like mirror lock up?


Try to reset the camera first.

yes it gives error 30 and I've reset the camera and already took out the cmos battery and put it back.

If you tried this.....


...then it is time to let Canon look at it.

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