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5D Mark II crashing / overheating - crash screen


Hi all, just joined this forum so I could tackle this issue I've started having w/ my 5D Mark II.
I bought the camera used about 3-4 years ago. It worked great when I got it. Only recently I started having issues with it.

At first it was overheating. I was recording long seminar sessions - about 10-11 mins per clip to avoid the dreaded 12 min shut off - and after awhile the camera would overheat and crash during recording. I would obviously lose the video clip but would have to take out the battery in order to turn the camera off and back on.

We tried to fix this by recording shorter segments of video. It seemed to work at first but soon it was overheating again.

Then more recently it started just crashing on me. No overheating. I would start recording and within a few seconds I see this:



I can't turn the camera off or anything - I have to take the battery out to reset everything.
I try again and the same screen will pop up.

Taking photos seems to be fine - but even doing that I had some issues recently where it did the same thing.
But mostly it's just video.

Then sometimes the camera will work just fine with no issues for awhile and then out of the blue - BAM! Crash screen.



So any insight in to what this is - what it might be - would be awesome.

I'm using primarily a Kingston 16GB CF card that's 233x. Same memory card I've been using from day one.
I have a few different batteries. 1 is an official Canon battery that came w/ the Camera - the other I have is Wasabi Power I got off Amazon.

Any other info you need let me know.
Thanks for any help with this problem. It's been very frustrating not being able to shoot anything.



I think your assumption that there is potential overheating issue may be accurate.  I think you're looking at some component that has gradually detoriated over time, as it overheated.  Today, the time, or temperature, for it reach critical failure seems to be reduced, suggesting that catastrophic failure could be imminent. 


You should have your camera professionally checked, as soon as possible, before the cascading failures spreads to more components and circuit boards in the camera.  Everytime you power it up, it seems to suffer additional, incremental damage to one or more electronic components. 


While I cannot rule out your memory card or batteries, and it could be worth time try a new one, I don't think the memory card or batteries are causing your symptoms.  A failure of the memory card or battery typically would not evolve over time. Get your camera checked by a professional, as soon as possible, before it detoriates beyond repair. 

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IMHO, your Mk2 is toast.  It needs to be evaluated by a Canon service tech but it is likely done.

It isn't your battery or CF card.


The sensor and the electro magnet that holds the shutter open get very hot when shooting video or using live view.  You need to allow enough time for each to completely cool down before shooting any additional footage.  If your Mk2 needs either, it may not be worth repairing.  Only Canon can tell you.

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"IMHO, your Mk2 is toast.  It needs to be evaluated by a Canon service tech but it is likely done." 


Regrettably, I would agree with that opinion, that the camera is likely expired.  If you are strictly using it for shooting video, then you may wish to consider one of Canon's Cinema cameras.  Canon could be preparing to upgrade the product line, and the C100 Series, which are now priced comparably to the EOS 5D Series, is being sold a significant discounts in some places. 

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Hey! I have same issue right now. Have you solved it?