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1dx vs EOS R - Recommendations for stop-motion


I was wondering in y’all’s opinion for stop motion would it be better to get the 1dx which has been used on several major motion pictures (and supposedly can work long hours in live view without overheating) and then just use Nikon vintage glass for the manual operation or…

Are the RF lenses worth it and is it true they won’t have flicker via dragonframe? If so would it be worth it to go mirrorless and get one of the R/RP models with stop motion firmware?

I’ve noticed some of the bigger stop motion creators on SM are using the R models now but I think Hollywood is still using dslrs for most major projects. Is this just because of budget / if it ain’t broke don’t fix it mindset or is there a legit reason to pick dslr over mirrorless for stop motion?

Also I wondered what are some of the best prime lenses for both vintage Nikon glass (ik this is canon sub sorry) and RF lenses? Sorry if this is the forbidden question I’m trying to get similar quality and do similar scenes to robot chicken and channels like @DGDXanimation and @Animist_1 so hopefully that gives a good idea of what I’m looking for? Obviously RC can go kinda crazy sometimes but I’m talking about their more basic sketches.

Any help would be greatly appreciated I’m having a tough time deciding how to approach all this without screwing up tbh