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1Ds Mark ii not powering on

Recently my back up camera, a 1Ds mark ii stopped powering on. All three of my batteries are fully charged and none seem to work, still looking for my AC adaptor to see if that works. But in case it doesn't are there any shops around the country that service this model or does anyone have any ideas as to what could possibly be wrong with it.

Would a dead date and time battery cause this problem for some reason?

Thank you



Canon no longer services them but this thread names a few other shops that do. No idea whether the time / date bat can cause it even though I still shoot one.,1Ds2,not#12732779

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Aren't these great cameras? Smiley Happy Yes, there are many private and on-line shops that repair this model.  It is not the keep alive battery.  It will work fine without one at all.   You would need to set the time an date every time you turned it on, however.


One thing, make sure your batteries are good.  How old are they?  And how about your charger?  These are getting some years on them now and they just lose their ability to work.  You can still fine new geniune Canon batteries and you may want to go this route first.  I just found a store that had them and I bought five of them.  They didn't want to charge at first.  But several attempts has made them fantastic.

I still use a 1D, 1Ds, 1D Mk II and a 1Ds Mk II.  Not often but I still love to get these old war horses out and you need good batteries.

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