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1DX MKII, 4K 60FPS Best Settings???


Hi All.


I have been doing some indoors hi-resolution 4k 60FPS videoing with my 1DX MKII lately.  I am a videoing novice at best and recently purchased this camera for growth potential of my still photography hobby.  But, since I invested in this camera and several very good lenses, then I agreed to do some videoing for a friend in need (boy is he going to be sorry he asked).  The lense that I am currently using indoors is the Canon EF 24-70mm  f/2.8L II USM.


I have noticed that when ever I slowly PAN from one light condition to another, the camera takes about 3 seconds to properly adjust to the new/nest light level.  This adjustment period obtrusive and not at all professional or acceptable.   I switched over o my Wifes' Apple iPhone 8 Plus at 4K 60 FPS and had NO issues or time lapse while adjusting to light level changes.  Same goes for my GOPRO 6 Black.  I had and tried all three devices while at this event.


There was zero question that my 1DX MKII offered the best video quality, but it was also unacceptable do to it's slow and off putting adjustment period between changes in light levels.   I really hope that I have settings incorrect and that someone more experienced than I can offer suggestions here.


Thank You,







Hello LanceA, 


There are valid exposure and metering reasons why this occurred and we can only speculate off your post what might have happened.  Not knowing which mode you had the camera in, or how you were obtaining the exposure, I'd guess at the camera most likely being set to Auto.  When the camera encounters a change in light level is must adjust the exposure.  I take it from your post that you were constantly filming- not a start stop between takes/ change of exposure- is that correct?  If so then the camera had to perform those adjustments on the fly which is why you see it adjust.  To prevent this, stop recording and allow the camera to meter for the new light source then shoot again.  You can also shoot in manual exposure and set a constant exposure value so it doesn't change while you are recording.   

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Great advice.  I purchased the 1DX MKII for purposes of 4K 60 FPS video capabilities.   It was to replace my one and one half decade old Canon 10D stills only camera (6.3 MP max stills, NO video at all).  I was very much into photography with the 10D, wich is still here.  However, I became more deeply re-involved in High End Audio Design, Reviewing and as an extreme hobbyist.  When I finaly came back to my love for photography, I realized just how waaay out of date (at ONLY 6.3 MP and NO video capabilities at all) my Canon 10D was.  So maybe I went a little bit too far when purchasing the 1DX MKII with 3 new expensive lenses.  Thing is, I find mysef far more interested in Still Photography and only taking 4K 60 FPS videos when I NEED TO.  This is why I need advice for what are likely ruimintary questions concerning DSLR video taking, I have litterally NO experience there.


So, Thank You Very, Very much for your patience and understanding when responding to what are certainly obvious and simple issues for most on this Forum.


Lance A.