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12VDC powered battery replacer?



I need a recomendation for a battery replacer (if that's the right term?) for my 6DM2.

I only have a (nominal) 12vdc power source available. (my supply voltage is actually 13.8-14.1)

I have found the following, described on ebay as

12V power cable ACK-E2+BP-511 DR-400 dc coupler for canon EOS

Which claims 12-24vdc input 

with 8.15-8.4 vdc out to the battery replacer-insert-substitute. 1.5 amps capacity

I use power hungry features such as live view, and live view shoot, with wired (USB-3) interface via the EOS Utility.

I want an adaptor that won't suffer from surges, or cause harmfull spikes or drops to the camera.

Any suggestions would be appreciated


Well, thanks to some of my fellow Canon DSLR AstroPhotography buddies from the Cloudy Nights forum, It was suggested I consider the following

Pegasus Astro DSLR Buddy Controller, plus the correct for your camera dummy battery.

Seems solid, adequate, and stable, and apparently has been used for a number of years by a number of photographers and their cameras with powered lenses.

I would like to see more info about it in the manufacturer's tech area, but a call to them might fill that in to satisfaction.

The unit has a port for a lens dew chaser/heater, which for anyone who's done any amount of night time photography in non dry climate environs knows, you'll often need one.

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Well, my  $16  Ebay 12vdc to 8vdc adaptor arrived the other day
This one

[link removed per forum guidelines; screenshot from link provided to aid discussion]
I've put it through it's paces, connecting it to Canon's DR-E6, and it works just fine.
Tried it on first with dummy loads, then my 10yr old 5DM2, and when that passed all tests, to my brand new 6DM2.
Never dropped below 8v output no matter how I pushed it, never spiked over 8.2, including when switching the 12vdc power supply on and off, with the camera switch pre set to "on". (something the Canon camera tech's told me you CAN do, without harm)
The heaviest use of power is when doing continuous shooting (click click, click, - not movie), about 1.5 amps, 1.7amps for the 6D,
otherwise never more tan 0.6 amps, and that was with a lens attached, drawing power for auto focus, auto aperture, anti shake, and tethered live view and live view shooting.
I bought the DR-E6 dummy battery (yes pricy) because it had a long cord (which I wanted), a ferrite choke to absorb spikes, and the Neg wound around the pos wire like a shield which enhances current flow. It also turns out to not be just be a  battery shell. There's at least a capacitor to no doubt absorb or fill short spikes or dropouts., what else might be in it I don't know. The contacts on the dummy aren't exactly like a battery, which is maybe why the camera recognizes and reports it all as being DR-E6 live powered.

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Understandable ebiggs1 Especially considering the price and sophistication of our cameras and lenses.


But we astrophotographers are made of inventive, intrepid, and inovative stuff. On the Cloudy Nights forum for example, I discovered a number of Canon users have been using a variety of 12vdc powered solutions for years now. Without issue.


Putting in a word for Canon. Canon is the only dslr manufacturer that has so far as I know been willing to cater to the amateur astronomical community with enhanced spectral response versions, the latest being the EOS Ra.


I think you've made that clear enough. LOL

There are many of us who have used third party power supplies and batteries for many years without incident. You just need to buy quality units from reputable dealers. Half the "genuine" Canon batteries on eBay are low quality fakes.


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It seems like a lot but I'm doing many night's worth of photography at some distance from home, many nights above the  freezing level.

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I think I would be very reluctant to power up an expensive camera with one of those cheap 3rd party adaptors, it is very easy to fry the camera by running it on the wrong supply voltage.


In any case your camera uses a LP-E6N battery so you need a DR-E6 battery adaptor and not the one you have quoted which is for a camera that uses a BP-511 battery.


"I have found the following, described on ebay as

12V power cable ACK-E2+BP-511 DR-400 dc coupler for canon EOS"


I would not even let that in the same room as my camera.  If it is not made by and from Canon, don't do it.

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