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how much does it cost and exactly what is done to a lens for refurbishment?


I have a 70-200 usm IS lens that is several years old and very well used. It still focuses nicely however there seems to be some slop in the zoom portion of the lens. What all is done on a refurbish and would it be basically brand new?



Generally a reburbishment is something that is done on the manufacturers end with product that was returned for some reason.  They build it back to spec, replace cosmetic damages, test it, and re-sell it - not to the original owner.  What you're talking about is more like a repair, not a refurbishment.

So you don't know what Canon typically charges for such a service?

Based on repairs I've heard of, I'd expect it to be somehwere in the neighborhood of $150 - $200.  But those were always for distinct repairs (AF ring, glass, housing, etc.)  No idea what they'd charge for severe slop, seems like that would require entirely new housing.


Unfortunately Canon won't tell you how much it's going to cost until you send it in.

I just emailed their service repair group for this information. 

Thanks for your input

I think "refurbished" is a sales term Canon uses to sell a variety ( used/repaired defective/returned/demo ) of not-quite-new lenses to the public. I think the actual work involved varies from lens to lens, based on how much or how little it takes to make it ready to sell.

I do not think they offer "refurbishment" as a "package" service/treatment on your lens for you, though they would do any particular work you want.

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