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error 01 sometimes


i have a canon 60d with a canon efs 17-85mm kit lens, I picked it up yesterday and all of the sudden the autofocus just don't work anymore, its constantly searching for focus but after a few seconds (like 30 or so) it sometimes does find its focus. and when I shoot in 35mm or lower I get the error 01: camera can not communicate with the lens, so I cleaned the connection points and I still get the error message, but only if I shoot in manual, because when I shoot in auto I mostly can take a picture but sometimes I cant just at random points. i don't know if this a problem that can be fixed or that I just need to buy a new lens or not.



You need to try a different lens to see if the issue stays with the camera, or goes away when using another lens.

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"i don't know if this a problem that can be fixed or that I just need to buy a new lens or not."


It is most likely a bad lens. But it is not a good candidate for repair. It is likely to cost you as much as a new lens to fix. As mentioned above I would do a little troubleshooting though. But you need another lens and another camera. That way you can double switch and be sure what part is faulty.


Of course you already have a known good Canon battery that is fully charged. A known good top quality SD card, too. Before you do any of this make sure you reset the camera back to factory settings. Menus, tools, clear all settings and clear all custom settings.


After you do that, set the camera to P mode. ISO 200 and daylight WB. Select One shot and juts the center focus point. Set the lens switch to AF. Now on a nice sunny day go outside and try several shots. General shooting but makes sure you have some vertical lines like a fence or trees or buildings, etc. in your shots. If it works, it works. There isn't anything wrong but if it doesn't start looking for a new lens.


BTW, cleaning the contacts almost never, to never, works. Plus done incorrectly you can do permanent damage to the contacts.

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