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White Images? Over exposed

New Contributor

I am using a 50mm fixed on the 5D III.  I will take a about 100 images and then I get an over exposed image. Then I take a few more and I get another over exposed image. I have tried the eraser trick to clean the senor on the lens. Any other suggestions, hints, anyone else have this problem?




Frequent Contributor

What exposure and metering modes are you using?

New Contributor

I am shooting manual, f8 at 1/30, the ligthing condtion are not changing.  It aprears to be something with the lens.

Esteemed Contributor

I haven't read any similar complaints at the forums I frequent but it does sound like either a lens problem or a communication problem between the body & lens. There are however several threads about issues with sharpness when using the 50 f1.2 L . Even the 50 f1.4 seems to get it's share of sharpness / build complaints.

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Frequent Contributor

What mode are you in? Av, Tv, M?


Before you take the picture, is the camera meter saying it's overexposed? (flagging all the way to the right of the meter)

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Do you have something like "shadow priority" on?(as opposed to the Highlight tone priority)

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