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What wide angle lense for Rebel Ti1?


Hubby has a Rebel Ti1, 18-55 regular lens  and a 55-250 zoom.  He wants a wide angle for outdoor, nature photography.  Strictly amateur, doen't play around with manual settings much.  Any suggestions?



The EF-S 10 -18 or the higher quallity EF-S 10-22.

@kvbarkley wrote:

The EF-S 10 -18 or the higher quallity EF-S 10-22.

The less expensive 10-18 has a smaller max aperture, so would let in less light than the 10-22 but a lot of wide

angle shots are of non-moving scenes, so for that you can just use a tripod and set a longer exposure.


The 10-18 is newer and it is sharper in the corners of the image and 1/2 the price of the 10-22. 


I am not familiar with the 3rd party offerings but I know Sigma has a decent 10-20 or so. Not sure if it is a


brighter or cheaper than these other two. 


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@kvbarkley wrote:

The EF-S 10 -18 or the higher quallity EF-S 10-22.

Both lenses are pretty good.  I went for the 10-22 for the wider apeture, wider zoom range, [internal focusing], and the 77mm filter size, which is compatible with most "L" Series lenses.  I did not feel I needed Image Stabilization on an  ultra-wide angle lens.

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