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What filters to buy?


I want to but some good filters for my lenses. What filters can I buy for 85mm 1.8. 50mm 1.4?



*sets up soapbox for Vetteran*



@Kolourl3lind wrote:

I want to but some good filters for my lenses. What filters can I buy for 85mm 1.8. 50mm 1.4?

What kind of filter are you looking for?  The most common are polarizers, neutral density, and protective ("UV filters").  I can't tell if you're looking for a brand recommendation or a filter type.


I've used a fair amount of different brands, from cheap tiffen to B+W's multicoated filters.  I use mostly B+W now, but I had good luck with the Sigma DG multicoated as a protective filter.  They're reasonably priced and the coating does a fair job on bright light sources - though you're still better off with no filter in that situation.  I wouldn't buy a cheap UV filter, but I think any decent one is fine.  It's just a clear piece of glass.


For polarizers and ND filters I spend the money and get B+W.  It's worth it.  The nano CPL has great performance and is slim enough for ultrawides.  A

I am looking for something protective but it won't cut down on the quality of the lens pictures. Also, I need something that will help me photograph through fog machines at parties!!!!!!


I mean fog/smoke machines? really? really?

I know of no filter that will cut fog.  Also, filters can be removed.  They do not become permantly attched to the lens as some here might have you believe.  If you think it may interact with your shot, remove it!

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

I keep reading that you have to buy a expensive good quality filter for your lenses. I wanted to know if someone can show me an example of one.

If you feel you need to use a filter, then it is very good advice to buy an expensive Multi Coated filter that will have less of a chance to degrade your images with flare or ghosting.


B+W 58mm UV Haze MRC 010M  or B+W 58mm Clear MRC 007M Filter are two that are often recommended for a clear "Protection" filter.






Mike Sowsun

does it matter that it's 58 mm?

Only if your lens requires 58mm filters.
Mike Sowsun