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Update for 50 1.4


Optics in the Canon 50 f/1.4 are decent once you get to f/2 or so...but if you put the lens cap on one too many times with the lens close focused from your last shot...lens is suject to failure....


So Canon...when can we expect an upgrade....maybe to the 85 f/1.8 and 100 f/2 build quality?

While were doing this, let's get it to foucus sharp...wide open...not to bother with IS...but if you have to...the extra weight would help with stability...


Well Canon....I got the money when you got the time...










See here also;


I was forced to pay £104 recently on a new focussing unit for a lens that has taken less than 50 photos and spent the rest of its life cosseted in it's supplied pouch within the confines of a padded LowePro bag with a bunch of other lenses that rarely see the light of day!


I can't remember when I last used it but I took it out the other week and its focus went from intermittent to total failure in 60 seconds.


I complained to anyone at Canon I spoke to but none were listening...





The 50 1.4 has some design flaws/quirks that could be updated for sure. That would be a good update. At the rate Canon is going, it, seems like they would make a f2 IS version and charge $700-$750 for it....Smiley Frustrated


Upgrading the build quality of the 85 1.8 would add to the cost. The price vs performance is a strong point for that lens. Would really hurt to add another couple of hundred to it.