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Ultra wide lens canon


What ultra wide lens should I buy the EFS 10-22mmF/3.5USM 4.5 or the EF17-40 F/4lUSM. And what do you consider to be a great Ultra wide lens.



I'll assume that you are using a crop body, so that would mean the 10-22 mm lens is your choice in an Ultra Wide. The crop factor will make it act like a 16-35. The 17-40 was originally designed as a full frame Ultra Wide but on a crop body it acts like a 27-64 mm lens, which is considered wide angle through a bit longer than normal. If you aren't using a crop body the 10-22 mm lens won't fit. 

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Yep, for a crop body the Canon 10-22 delivers fabulous images.


For full frame either the 16-35 or 17-40.

5DII | 40D

If your shortest focal length is 18mm right now, going to 10mm will show you something new. 10mm is wider than what the human eye sees so photos at 10mm have a certain look. When done well, it's eye-grabbing.

The main advantage to getting the EF 17-40 is it works on all current Canon bodies while the EF-S 10-22 will not work on the 1, 5, or 6 series. This advantage may not matter to you.

Both lenses are great UWA lenses but I'd go with the 10-22 unless you are already shooting with a full-frame.





I have 10-22 EFs and love it for cropped sensor Canons.

It will not fit Full Frame body such as my 5D or 1Ds so I miss it there. That is why I have added Tokina 11-16mm that though is made also for cropped sensor, can physically seat on FF bodies and gives a good image even at 15mm considering that lens is very sharp corner to corner even at full F2.8 stop that is phenomenal in class. If you go shorter that this on FF, you get circular fishish eye appearance that doesn't bother me (Easily cropped at pp or not get there in first place).