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Lens manufacturing defect


My new Canon lens that was part of my T4i camera kit appears to have a manufacturing defect. Aparently during manufacture the black paint/coating due to tooling or improper handeling became chipped in two places.Should I be concerned about any reflections coming back and appearing on images? I have within the one year warranty to send it back for repair or replacement. I had hoped that Canons quality control would have caught this rather than me.
Lens is a: EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM






"Cameras don't take pictures, photographers do."


I seriously doubt it will EVER make a difference to your photos. It takes a lot more than a little mark like that to show up in your photos. See this for a test you never want to have to try.

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Wow! That was amazing now I am not the slightest bit concerned as long as none of the surrounding paint/coating does not start flaking off.


Thanks, Bob


"Cameras don't take pictures, photographers do."
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