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Just purchased my started camera.  It's a t3i!  So, what lens do you suggest?  Is the efs55-250mm a good lens to start with?



Congratulations.  It is a good camera.  Hope you enjoy it.


The answer to your question requires a bit of info from you. 


1.)  What will you be taking photos of?  Kids?  Sports?  Landscapes? Portraits?  Travel photos/architecture?


2.)  What is your budget?


3.)  What lenses do you have already (if any)?


In addition to a lens or lenses, you will probably want to get a speedlite (either Canon or a compatible 3rd party like Metz).


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I got a T3i for Christmas and am loving it.  It came with a EFS 55-250IS lens and the kit efs 18-55mmIS.  I am using the 55-250 more but am finding that the zoom seems limited.  That said, I've gotten some great pics with it.

Costco has some 60D's and the lens on that camera seemed far superior to the 55-250 but i can't seem to figure out which one it is.  I love to take pictures of birds, animals (including my kids and dogs) and am thinking as they get older and get into sports, i'll be taking pictures of that, too.  What would be a good complement to the lenses that came with it?


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I would not get the 55-250 as my first lens (in fact I would not buy that lens at all). 55mm is going to be too long in many situations. You will need a wider lens.

Do yourself a huge favor a buy a higher quality lens. I recommend the EF-S 15-85. It is an excellent all purpose lens for crop cameras like your T3i. It has excellent build quality, produces sharp images, and has a range from wide angle to short telephoto.


Remember on your T3i the 55-250mm acts like a 88-400mm. That is pretty long for a general lens. I like the 55-250mm and would get it but not by itself. It needs to be your second lens.

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