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Someone tell me why I can't get a photo in focus!!!!!!





I have two mark iii's and I use all L lenses. I basically hate everything I shoot because it seems like 90% of my shots are not crisp as I think they should be for what I pay for the equipment.  I have tried micro adjusting the lenses, I have made sure the lenses are clean. I thought it was my camera because I had over 150,000 shots on it so I bought a new one.....does the same thing. 


I don't know if I am micro adjusting the lenses incorrectly or what but I feel like spending that much money on the cameras and lenses, that I should not have to work so hard to get a picture in focus.


Biggest problem is the 50 1.2. I never shoot below 2.8 because it will just be pointless, won't ever give me a clear shot. I feel thats ridiculous.  The 70-200 2.8 is better, but still not as crisp as I feel it should be. The 24-70 2.8, I just about cringe anytime I have to put that lens on the camera. 

Now why would all of my lenses be giving me problems?! I had the camera and the 70-200 sent in for servicing in January by geek squad because I purchased them through best buy. I don't feel like it did anything.


Does geek squad really perform the correct servicing?


I want to give clients sharp amazing images, not soft noisy images! Even at ISO 100 I get noise even in well lit situations. I am just so annoyed with everything right now! 




I always choose the focus point. Never do I let the camera choose. The 50 is the absolute worst about this issue. I can focus on one eye and when I get the image up on my screen it shows the other eye in focus. Drives me crazy. This micro adjustment thing just totally confuses me.


I will definitely have to look into this cps thing!

What shutter speeds are you using? When lenses as good as yours give consistently blurry results, one has to suspect shutter speeds that are too low. What happens if you mount the camera on a tripod and fire it remotely? If that clears up the problem, you need either faster shutter speeds or stabilized lenses. Your 24-70 lens isn't stabilized; Canon doesn't make a stabilized 24-70. Your 70-200 may be stabilized, so make sure you have stabilization turned on.


As far as AF microadjustment is concerned, it isn't particularly difficult, but you do have to understand what you're doing. There are several techniques, so read up and find one that works for you. Note that the 5D Mark III lets you adjust each end of the zoom range separately. All that said, though, I've never used an "L" lens that needed AFMA. So I'd look at shutter speeds first if I were you.

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The image of the girl with earrings it is hard to tell on here but her eyes are for real not one bit in focus. I would not ever crop it that close for a print, I zoom in really close when I am editing photos and that drives me completely crazy if the eyes aren't in focus. I can occasionally get one to where I see detail but it's like 1 in 20 shots it seems.

The newborn and the girl with earrings are both shot with a 50mm 1/125

I do not do my own printing. I print through millers lab.

I do turn my monitor to full brightness, I don't know much about settings of computers. I know photoshop, but not everything about a Mac lol

"I do turn my monitor to full brightness ..."


You have to turn this down.  It is part of the problem.  You need to do the adjustments correctly.

And you have to do the sturdy tripod test like I did with the big Tamron.  That is the only way to know.  Is it you missing focus or is it your gear.


Although there is some latitude with the hyper focus distance, there is only one pin point focus spot.  Considering the hyper focus of a 50mm set to f2.8 lens at say 5 feet, that distance will be in inches.  Like one to one and a half in front and maybe 3 or 4 behind (approx).  As you approch the outside limits of the hyper focus area it gets worse and worse, or more OOF.

The 50mm at f1.2 will have a hyper focus of even less.  Maybe1 1/2 inches total (approx), in front and back.  Pretty small.

If you did decide to get that big 85mm at f1.2 you will be talking less than 3/4 inch total HFD.


Do the test and trun down the monitor.

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