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RF1200mm Green Arc


I rented a Canon RF 1200mm f/8 lens and used my Canon R5 camera to photograph the solar eclipse.  In the diamond ring pics a green arc appears just beyond the jewel of sunlight.  I’ve not seen this before in my eclipse pics and I’m wondering what might have caused it.  The only thing I can think of is the drop-in protective filter which was clear with a coating on it that gave off a green reflection.  I debated removing the filter before the shoot, but opted to leave it in.  This arc is very difficult to remove in Photoshop because of the light gradient it’s in.

Can anyone think of what may have caused this green arc?  Thanks for your help!

01 Diamond Ring 1 548A7007.jpeg



To me, it looks like lens flare, whether from the filter or the lens.  Could be off the filter, or off the edge of one of the elements in the lens. It's not quite centred on the subject -- I wonder if that image is a crop?  Was the sun slightly off-centre in the image?

That pic doesnt exactly look like a diamond ring to me.  As I understand it, the true diamond ring is when the sun is technically eclipsed, but a little light comes through a valley on the moon.  What you have there looks to me more like the sun is not quite fully covered.  Anyhow, you've clearly exposed for the solar prominences -- which, BTW, is awesome -- and the exposed surface of the sun is billions of times brighter than that, so a flare is kind of unsurprising.

As for removing it -- sorry, but I don't have any great ideas.  I guess I would try a fine clone brush, from really close to the arc, going in the direction of constant brightness.


"As for removing it -- sorry, but I don't have any great ideas."

An easy task in Photoshop.

Diamond Ring is a sign that totality is almost there. Your shot is nothing short of amazing and beautiful.

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