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RF 70-200 Lens Grinding and Stuck


I have RF 70-200 Lens (bought less than 1 year ago).and take care of it very well. Have soild bag and never dropped/hit, etc.

Yesterday, taking outdoor soccer game pics and the lens started to grind when rotating the zoom ring. It felt as if there was something in between the slits that's making it hard to rotate. Then as I inspecting it, it became harder and harder to turn to the point that it got stuck/jammed. 

This morning, I decided to try again, and it slowly got unstuck. But there is still some slight grinding feel/noise to it.

Is this a common problem with this lens? Anyone have similar experience? What is the remedy?

Paid so much for this and already having issues. Thanks!





This sounds like a repair Canon needs to perform. You can't fix this problem only Canon can.


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If purchased less than a year ago, there is warranty.  Canon fixes stuff like this all the time.  Since we are still early in the year, it can be done quickly. 

Log into MyCanon and get the repair started.


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Thanks for the replies

I actually started the repair process.

Do we actually pay for the UPS shipping? There was no shipping label printed.

And it says we should insure it. That is very costly.

Why does Canon not cover repair shipping/insurance? 

Are you a member of Canon Professional Services (CPS)? Some of their plans (I think Gold and higher) have free shipping.


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Yikes.. $100 a year for gold

Is it worth it?

Hi gompol,

That depends.  Canon offers initial warranty, CarePak and CPS.  Only you can decide which meets your needs.  Last year I started investing heavily in RF glass.  I purchased CarePaks on each lens, except one (which was an accident on my part). 

Shipping to and from Canon has always been the users responsibility.  If you are a CPS member (Gold) provides free shipping back to you.  Platinum provides free shipping both ways.  Both provide expedited 3 day repair turn around.  This is meant to help alleviate loss of income while a covered product is being repaired.  If I relied on my gear to earn a living, I'd be a Platinum CPS member.  If you are not new to Canon, then think about how many times your had to use warranty.  If its been more than once or twice a year, then a CPS membership might be a worth while investment.  If not, then accept that something happened and be happy Canon will repair the lens for free.  Repairs also come with a 6 month warranty.

CarePaks.  I don't skip these.  The same way I purchase 3yrs onsite parts and labor for windows machines or AppleCare+ for MacBooks.  If you need service even once, the cost to repair a laptop, or in the case a L series lens will likely exceed the cost of the Carepak.  Canon will also inspect, and clean the covered camera or lens once per year.  For Free.  All you have to do is ship it to them.  The cost for this is acceptable to me.  Use your gear, enjoy it.  If something happens, you are covered.

Bay Area - CA

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~CarePaks Are Worth It

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