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RF 200-800 Lens Design Issue - Filter can't be used with hood


A friend of mine was lucky enough to have received her Canon RF 200-800mm lens that she had ordered in Nov. 2023.  She has encountered an issue with the lens design.   The new lens does not appear to allow use of a filter while the lens hood is in place.  She and her camera shop have tried a number of different brands of filters, but none appear to allow the lens hood to be mounted while a filter is attached.  This seems to be a rather inexcusable design flaw on Canon's part.  When Canon technical support was contacted, no one appeared to know anything about the issue.  With the exception of this problem, she loves her new lens.  Has anyone else encountered this issue with this lens?


Rick, my friend is just trying to put a normal clear or UV filter on the lens.  None of brands of 95mm filters tried would allow the lens hood to be mounted after the filter was screwed into place.  My wife and I own many Canon lenses and have never before encountered this issue with any of them.  I am still awaiting an order for the RF 200-800 lens for my wife and was curious if anyone else had experienced this issue.  



I'm planning to put one on mine eventually as well.  😀  I haven't ordered yet, so you'll probably get her's before I see mine.  I have never encountered an issue like this either.  I know a few people I can ask.  Let me check.

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Sorry to hear you are having issues with such a coveted lens.  I do have a couple of questions that no one seems to have asked, yet.  

Could you describe EXACTLY why or how the hood or lens do not fit/work together?  For example, does the hood not fit over the filter?

Where did you order the lens?  Was it a Canon Factory Authorized dealer?

What brand and model of lens filter are you using?

What brand and model of lens hood are you using?  The Canon ET-101 should have come with it.

This is from the B&H web site.  This is a small sampling of recommended accessories.


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My friend's issue is that once a filter has been screwed into the front of the lens, the Canon-supplied hood does not have enough clearance and cannot be attached to the lens.   I do not know which brands or models of filters were tried.  When she discovered the issue with a filter that she had purchased, she returned to the authorized Canon dealer.  The dealer tried a number of different brands/models of filters, but none would allow the supplied Canon lens hood to fit over them.   She also later met with a Canon Representative who was visiting the store for some type of sales promotion.  The Canon Rep had no answers for her regarding the hood/filter issue.  I have had the same lens on order since last November from B&H Photo but have no idea when or if it will ever be shipped to me!  Last month, when I had to send in my Canon EF 100-400 L Lens to Canon for service, I also asked the technical support rep if he knew anything about the hood/filter issue on the RF 200-800 lens.   He was unaware of the problem.  So, I decided to post the issue on this forum to see if any other owner of the lens had experienced the same issue.  


Any update on the topic? Can it be the reason why shipment are so slow?

Here in Europe it appears to be in pre-order forever..... with a long list....

I have found no other information regarding the hood/filter issue.  I was hoping a current owner would respond here or on B&H Photo's page for the new lens.   I did find one other reported issue.  One RF 200-800 lens owner reported that the lens would not securely mount onto his Canon EOS R3 body.  Here is a link to his video.  Bing Videos.  Perhaps Canon is trying to quietly fix these issues, but no one at Canon support seems to acknowledge them.   


You still have not told us what brand and model filter is causing you issues.  In fact, you have yet to confirm what hood you have.  

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As I stated previously on 4/12/24, the hood was the Canon-supplied hood that was included with the RF 200-800mm lens.   I do not know which brands and models of filters were tried.   My friend returned to her Canon-authorized dealer where she had purchased the RF 200-800mm lens.   The dealer tried every brand and model of 95mm filter that they had in stock.  None of the brands/models tried would allow the Canon lens hood to be mounted with the filter installed.  I have no further information than that.  As a result, my friend either uses her new lens with the hood and no filter or with a filter and no hood.  She cannot use both together.   

“ As I stated previously on 4/12/24, the hood was the Canon-supplied hood that was included with the RF 200-800mm lens.   I do not know which brands and models of filters were tried. “

Without a specific model number, then I would conclude that you have a camera shop provided hood.  It also appears that you do not know what model filter you were sold.

I wish you luck resolving your issues. As you said, no one else seems to have reported similar issues.

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I would suspect that it is less that Canon supplied a different hood during manufacture, but that it is possible it has been lost and replaced with the wrong hood for some reason along the way.  The hood should have the following identifier on the outside near where it connects to the camera body: ET-101, it's a light grey, so not glaringly obvious. 

If the hood does not have that, then the wrong hood is on the lens.

cheers, TREVOR

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