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My 50mm lens won't focus correctly, either in AF or Manual mode, any suggestions?


My low end f1.8 50mm Canon lens doesn't focus correctly.  It has never been banged or dropped and appears in focus on the viewfinder but when I look closely the images are not sharp.  It's the only lens that exhibits this problem and shows up on both the 60D and the 450D (Tsi).  Is there an adjustment anywhere to correct this?



Do you have any photos to show of the problem. Have you tried toggling between AF an MF maybe the switch is damaged. If you gently shake the lens do you hear anything loose?

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I recommend that you clean the contacts on the lens using a soft microfiber cleaning cloth.  Also, try toggling the focusing mode switch between MF and AF a few times.  If the images are still out of focus on multiple cameras with only your EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens attached, but other lenses focus properly, then your EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens will need to be serviced.


To start the process of getting your lens serviced, you will need to complete a service request on our website.  To help, I have provided a direct link to the correct page on our website below:


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If you have a higher end camera, there are also microadjustments that can be made per lens on AF images.