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Lens autofocus work using liveview / not viewfinder. Tried two different cameras (EFS 18-55mm Lens)

Occasional Contributor

I have an issue with Auto Focusing on my EFS 18-55mm Lens.  It will autofocus using the LCD liveView screen but not the optical viewfinder.  I'll try not to blab so...


  • Mechanically works perfectly (No odd noises, broken gears, etc)
  • Tried two different camera bodies - Same result
  • Reset all settings in cameras
  • Updated firmware
  • Cleaned lense, mirror, electrical contacts, etc.
  • Image looks crystal clear using manual focus
  • Again, autofocus works using view finder
  • Other lenses work as expected on both camera bodies
  • Image stabilizer on / off has no effect
  • Cussing, crying, and other forms of a bad attitude have no effect either.

Any suggestions, ideas, fixes would be most appreciated!!!


"I don't quite get the same depth of field ..."


That's because the lens calibration is off.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!




Try the troubleshooting on THIS page, just to see if it's a misaligned gear in your lens. This little trick works quite often on the non-STM version of the kit lens.  


I hope this helps!