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Good Telephoto Lens for EOS Rebel T3i


I am brand new here and have been reading the forums for a while before deciding to join. I have had the EOS Rebel T3i for several years and use it mostly to take pictures at my kids’ games and functions. I am by no means a professional photographer, I am very amateur but have discussed buying a new telephoto lens to get better close up images of my kids since we are further away from the action. I’ve gone to several stores, some try to sell me an entirely new camera set with multiple lenses while others seem to try to force one lens on me because they have it in stock. I’m looking at the RF100-400mm F5.6-8 IS USM and the RF600mm F11 IS STM, if either are even compatible with my camera. Some places say both are, others say only one is, so I don’t trust them. I’m looking for an upgraded lens that will allow me to zoom in closer to the action and get clean, crisp pictures. Not action pictures, but sometimes a burst of pictures and nothing complex (it’s baseball after all). Can someone provide some insight and/recommendations? Thanks!



RF lenses are absolutely *not* compatible with the T31.

You need to look at the EF 70-300 II

or the EF 100 - 400 mm lenses if your budget can handle it.

(As a general note, a prime - like the RF 600 is not good for kid's sports, a zoom is best to be able to change the focal length.)

Thank you very much for the quick answer! I do not know a lot of the technical particulars of cameras so this is new territory for me. I should have said though that it’s college baseball and my son pitches so I’ll take other pictures but my main intent is to get nice close up shots of him for my parents and family. My daughter is a team manager for her team so those shots will be very little action-involved. Thank you for the advice!!


To further what Mr. Barkley said, your camera is designed to use EF-S lenses. They are specifically made for the Rebel series. However, you camera can us EF models. Any other letter designation will not work. I think your best option is probably the EF-S 55-250mm zoom. It is a great all around mid range tele zoom and compliments your 18-55mm kit lens very nicely.

BTW, never go back to the store that told you a RF lens will work. It will not.

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Thank you ebiggs1!! I don’t trust store salespeople when they start trying to sell you an entirely new set up when you ask about one thing. I wish I would have joined the community sooner!!


Just for the record, here is a shot from my EF 70-300 (I) at Dodger Stadium:


Where were you taking the picture from?


Way up in the stands.


and here are a few from my 70~300 II.  I was easily 300~1000 yds away in some of these shots. 

Russia Raw.pngDxO.jpgIMG_0628.JPGIMG_0622.JPG


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Thanks for the input, I think I’m going with the 70~300 II. The examples I’ve seen on this thread are great pictures and from farther away than I will be most of the time. Now I need to save some coin for a new camera, the EOS 6D Mark II is a goal!!