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Going from 80D to R6 - looking for 55-250 STM equivalent for Full Frame


I upgraded my 80D to R6 last year on black friday and started buying new gear and switching my equipment.

I wanted a full frame for a long time but little did I realize a couple shortcomings that were huge bonuses for crop sensors.

Minimum focus distances were MUCH better for crop lenses. I used a sigma 17-50 2.8 and it had MFD of just 28cm whereas 24-105 F4 is a whopping 45cm! That is a huge detriment to any macroish photography. The lenses also weight a TON more, 55-250 STM was just 375grams and quite small, and my other lens with similarish capability is 70-300 Tamron lens which weights much more and has worse macro capability. My lens bag weights way more now if I have 3 zooms in it. I also did lose 4.2 megapixels, but that's not such an issue.

Is there any other good, light weightish zoom lens other than RF 100-400? That one gets quite dark on the long end (Is F8 on FF the same as 5.6 on crop?), but it has a good macro capability and it's quite light too.

I've been considering just going back to crop and maybe switching to R7, but I do like the better portrait and low light capability since I do professional photography a little bit.

Honestly writing this just it just seems like the FF was a mistake on my part and I shuldve just gone R7 + 6D for low light. Sigh.



"Honestly writing this just it just seems like the FF was a mistake on my part ..."

FF is not for everybody and that is OK. It is not the holy grail that some make it out to be. But I must ask this question, you new FF was bigger and therefore the lenses and other gear has to be bigger so why are you surprised they are bigger and heavier?

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!