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Film lenses on 6D


Hi Everyone!

I recently inherited the following items from my grandfather. 


1 - SMC Pentax-M 1:28 28mm

1 - SMC Pentax-M 1:17 50mm

1 - Miranda Pentax SENSOREX with a Auto Miranda 1:14 f=50mm and Asahi Pentax AF200S flash

1 - Pentax super program with an SMC PENTAX-A 1:2 50mm lens

1 - Pentax ME SUPER with a Albinar ADG 28Mm 1:28 macros focus lens

1 Bentley Optical Lens 1:6f=50mm lens

1 Canon auto teleconverter

I was wondering if anyone had any information on how I can use the lenses on my current camera (Canon 6D). Is there any adapter or adapters I can purchase to use them? 



It is not worth the time and money to try to adapt them.  

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There are adapters, and they aren't expensive. They are also NOT worthy of being used on your 6D. 

First of all, they would not provide any focus and exposure automation. Full manual use only.

Second, these adapters have optical elements which enable focus to infinity. The elements are not very good optically, and degrade image quality.

You're much better off bypassing them and using Canon & compatible EF-mount lenses. But NOT EF-S.

Rising Star

I think your lenses are a treasure.

I use a 45 year old Minolta lens from a film camera on my Canon EOS R5. The SLR film lenses are practical adapted to a mirrorless camera because the shorter distance between flange and sensor leaves room for an adapter. Adapters cost 35 to 40 dollars which makes experiments with these lenses attached to a mirrorless camera inexpensive. I agree with the other replies that they are not practical attached to a DSLR like yours. I suggest preserving these lenses until you get a newer mirrorless camera. Some of the older lenses have a distinct character that makes attractive photos in an older style. Many older film camera lenses are higher quality than the cheapest new lenses.

Some forums have information about using these lenses. e.g. has sample images made using the SMC Pentax-M 1:28 28mm. About the Pentax-F 28mm F2.8 and how it compares to other 28mm lenses Started Dec 6, 2019




Old film camera lenses are sometimes problematic when adapted to Full Frame DSLR cameras. Often the rear element or aperture levers stick out too far and will interfere with the action of the mirror flipping up when the shutter is released.  Mirrorless cameras don’t have this problem. 

None of the lenses you have listed are really worth the effort (and risk) of using them on your 6D. 

Mike Sowsun


I have done it. And, I have done it every way I think that is possible. I doubt seriously they will damage your 6D because most of the adapters have a corrector lens in between the old lens and the camera. However, some do not like the Ed Mika adapters which are the best. Yes, you will lose every function of your 6D and even some ability of the old lens like focus to infinity. However, some focus ability will still be there which occurs if you don't have the corrector lens in the adapter.

I am not sure Ed Mika is still in business but a search for it will answer that. Like most of the responders above have said, whether they have actually done this or not is unknown, it is not worth it unless you have a truly fantastic old lens like one of the old "great" whites. On my FD 500mm f8 and FD 600mm f4 the Ed Mik adapter works quite well.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!


Anyone ever seen one of these.....?

I've read that Canon briefly made an FD-to-EF adapter that provided infinity-focus and was of very high optical quality, And quite expensive. I have searched long and hard and not found any evidence of this, pictures, for-sale ads, or anything. Can anyone say they have seen one?


Here is some information on the original Canon FD to EF adapter……

Bob Atkins Canon FD to EOS lens adapters 
When Canon introduced their new EOS line of autofocus cameras in 1988 they did something that no other manufacturer had done. They totally abandoned their previous lenses. The FD mount lenses used on their manual focus cameras simply would not fit on the new EOS cameras at all. Not only was the mount coupling different, but the "flange to focal plane" distance was longer (44mm vs 42mm), so even if an adapter was made which allowed an FD lens to mechanically couple to the EOS mount, the lens wouldn't focus to infinity. To allow the lens to focus to infinity, the flange of the FD lens would have to be 2mm inside the EOS body.

Needless to say this angered many Canon users at the time. Canon did make a small concession to the users of some of their more expensive "L" series telephoto lenses (and a few non "L" telephotos) by making a 4-element optical adapter which acted as a low power multiplier (1.26x). This was intended to ease the transition from FD to EOS for their professional user base. The price at the time was around $250, but they didn't make them for long and they didn't make many, so today they sell used for prices as high as $1000

Here's a copy of an illustration of the adapter from the original Canon instruction sheet:



As you can see the adapter has a protruding front element (similar to the current Canon TCs), which meant it would only couple with lenses which could accommodate this protrusion and these lenses are listed below:

  • FD 200mm 1.8 L
  • FD 200mm 2.8 RF
  • FD 300mm 2.8 L
  • FD 300mm 4
  • FD 300mm 4 L
  • FD 400mm 2.8 L
  • FD 400mm 4.5
  • FD 500mm 4.5 L
  • FD 600mm 4.5
  • FD 800mm 5.6 L
  • FD 50-300mm 4.5 L
  • FD 85-300mm 4.5
  • FD 150-600mm 5.6 L

If you couldn't find or couldn't afford the original Canon adapter, or you wanted something for their shorter lenses which couldn't couple to the Canon adapter, a number of generic adapters have been available for some time now. Priced at under $50 they're typically not really well constructed and the optics usually leave a lot to be desired.

Mike Sowsun


The Ed Mika adapter works with all those lenses is very well made has no lens and maintains infinity focus.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

I've seen the Ed Mika kit, or another one like it. They are not adapters which keep the FD lens intact. They are CONVERSIONS which replace the FD mount on the lens with an EF mount. For what they cost and require, not something I was motivated to do.



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