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Does anyone here have the RF 85mm F1.2 L USM DS? This thread is for you


I wish Someone WITH The DS version would show us how it performs in low light. I mean big deal, 1.3 stops of light lless tha the STandard NON- DS version on paper. Most make it seem like the lense will simply shut off if the light isn't bright. Let's say the inside of a church at a wedding, of night time outside. Does anyone here have this lense/ If so how do you feel about its low light performance?


as I understand it, the DS versions of the rf85mm 1.2 shoots like a 1.8 or f2 due to the coating and canons admitted 1.3 stops of light loss. Ive seen a few videos where people say the NON DS version is blurrier than the DS version, but simply has smooth bokeh I want to know your thoughts. I am presented with an opportunity  to purchase BOTH 70-200 and the 85 1.2 but wanted to know mores pecifically your response to the DS version.


Specifically in low light. Or natural light?



John Hoffman
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Thank you for taking the time for the link, but I've consulted that link. It doesn't answer my question. I am seeking feedback from an "/user" owner of the lense for real world use feedback. Not spec sheets.


Ken Rockwell:

"This lens is not as fast in low light as the regular RF 85mm f/1.2 lens because of these non-removable internal filters."

My previous research prior to posting informed me of the nature and "general purpose" of the lens. The information I seek hopefully is from someone that Owe and actively uses the lense to get a real work response to how it performs in lower light situations. While yes, I am aware one would bu it for the effect, but certainly an owner must have an opinion on how well the lense performs at sunset...or any conditions where abient light is not in abundance.


I am not real certain and I personally do not use my ef 85mm f1.2L for low light shooting.  You use it for the f1.2 aperture setting for effect.

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My question is specifically for the DS version, do you have the DS version?

For such a specialty lens, you'd be better off renting one and trying it out yourself.


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I have an itch for feedback from an actual owner. But Thank you.

I was encouraged by a canon rep on youtube to check out this forum for such a question, thats why I recently joined. Looks like not many have this lense.