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Canon Serial checker not working to check lens manufacture date


I'm trying to check my lens Serial number to see it's age and information. sadly the Canon serial checker does nothing when I click to check (after choosing a 100mm F2.8 L lens and writing down the serial)
I tried Edge, Chrome, and Safari and nothing works.

the serial number is [removed per community guidelines - (personal info)]
can someone give me a hand checking the info, if you are luckier than me please post what it says.




Welcome to the Canon Community!
So the Community can better assist, what information are you looking for as it pertains to your lens and its serial number? 
Where was your lens purchased? 
If you have the original 100mm F2.8L lens, it's retired. 

 all I want is to check  the date of manufacuring. How can i do so by using the serial number? Any way to find this kind of information via the serial number?

Is the lens the original 100mm f/2.8, or a newer iteration? 

It's canon ef 100mm f2.8 L with the serial number i posted. This not an RF your talking about. 

Adding a photo...

Cant send the photo, site says its too big. But i  wrote all the information you asked.

Date of manufacturing"

We recommend reaching out to support for help with this. They're at 800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666).

If you're outside of the United States, please visit



I had not heard of this previously.  I don't see one availble for the USA, but there is one for Europe and elsewhere.

Canon Europe - Serial Number Checker

One for Cyprus too

Not sure if the US is included.

Here is a list of US Authorized Dealers -9-20-2023

Bay Area - CA

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