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Canon RF 28mm F2.8 pancake lens draining the battery of my R6 mark 2



I have noticed a pattern with my R6 mark 2 not starting up after leaving the RF 28mm F2.8 mounted on it for a long time. Strangely, there is an intermittent buzzing sound with some vibration when the lens is mounted, even after turning the camera off. This seems to be eating away the battery of the camera at a slow pace, to the point where it becomes completely empty after a few days.

I think the issue is lens specific, as I don't have this problem with any of my other lenses (all of which are from Tamron EF mount being adapted using the Canon EF to RF adapter).

Curious to see if this is a known problem or not. For the time being, I am.neber leaving my RF 28mm F2.8 for too long attached to the camera body to avoid battery depletion. This has cost me a serio


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The lens is connected directly to the battery, but the lens should be off when the camera is off. It sounds like your IS is operating continuously which should not happen. You should send it in to have it looked at.

I don't think the particular lens in question has IS. It could be the AF motor being on with the camera being off. My friend's mom had that problem with an adapted EF 16-35mm F/2.8L Mark III lens. When mounted on the R6 Mark II. The focus distance window was moving back and forth with the camera off. You also could hear the AF motor too. This was ultimately determined to be a camera and mount adapter problem by Canon in her case.


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