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Canon DSLR lenses


I've recently purchased a Canon 6D Mark 2 full frame. This is my first Canon acquisition and need to familiarize my self

with their lenses. So.....what should I be looking for to ensure I'm getting a lens that will work on a full frame? I noticed the mount description is EF, are there others and lenses listed as IS II USM? I live in a very rural area and trips to a Canon dealer are rare events and so I purchase online.





@TCampbell wrote:



L = Canon "L" series lenses -- widely accepted that "L" stands for "Luxury" though I don't think I've ever actually found an explanation in Canon documentation.  I've also never seen any alternate explanation of what "L" stands for.


I believe Ken Rockwell says the L stands for Expensive as 'L'. 😉


Conjecture Alert:

When EF is translated into Japanese, Google Translater makes it sound like “ EL “.

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