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Canon 70-200 lens wont lock


Hey guys,

So, my Canon 70-200 2.8 was latching on the camera body just fine until last week. It seems like the pin is not going up on the locking hole of the lens, causing the lens to not lock and move freely. I took out the metal plate from the lens and it latches as it should. But once I place it on the lens it won't lock. I checked all the screws and everything is good. All my other lenses lock just fine. I tried the same lens on two other bodies and it also does the same thing. I can't see any issues on the lens. I compared the mount to another lens that does lock just fine and I can't find any issues. I never dropped the lens or anything has really happened to it that I'm aware of. Any ideas? has anyone ever experience something like this? This just happened out of the blue. Thanks! 

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