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Canon 35mm f/1.4L II Focus ring loose, rattles, wobbles, clancks..


Hi guys, I just bought this lens together with the 85mm 1.4IS. The latter has perfect build, and a smooth, well dampened, tight focus ring.

Now, the 35 has a rattle on the focus ring, its loose. And its bothering me because i had no other lens of any brand with this problem. No other cheap Canon, expensive Nikon, Sony or Fuji. 


I searched online and many users have this problem, but I refuse to think that this is normal on a USD1600 premium lens.


I looking for advice, and i need any owner without this problem to tell me that this is not normal.


Thank you!


Where did you buy it? You need to contact Canon Support or exchange it.
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Bought it at a trustworthy seller, so no fault on his part. 

@hgredo wrote:

Bought it at a trustworthy seller, so no fault on his part. 

What does the trustworthy seller say about the rattle, wobble, and clank? If he's sufficiently trustworthy, it doesn't matter what we think, right?

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He said he thinks its normal, but i should bring it to him anyways to check it out. I refuse to think that a usd1600 premium lens has a loose focus ring, and it is considered normal... I just want to know the opinion / experience of other owners...

I don't have that lens but I did have the first version and it did not rattle or was loose. It is a great lens I just preferred the Sigma 35mm Art so I sold it.

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