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Can collar be replaced on EF 75-300mm 1:4-4.6 III - The collar that lens cap clips onto is broken.


My Canon lens was dropped and the collar (outer ring) was broken and now the lens cap won't stay on.  I see three small screws around the perimeter of the collar, and am thinking it may be replaceable.  Does anyone have advice on how to replace the broken piece?  Where to buy that part - assuming it's available for purchase?broken lens.jpgbroken lens 2.jpg



Got the replacement part that I ordered from AliExpress.  Only took a couple of weeks to arrive (from China).  Was going to try to replace the broken part myself (with the JIS screwdriver set that I had), but I was worried that I might strip the screws.  They didn't want to unscrew easily from the lens.  So rather than pushing things, I just took the lens and the replacement part to my local camera store, and they repaired it right away.  All in all, I spent $21 for the part, and then another $25 labor.  And it's good as new now.  Thanks to everyone (especially Bob) who helped get me going in the right direction.  Much appreciated.

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Thanks for updating us on the good outcome.