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Any chances for refurbished lens restock?


Is there any chance for a refurbished restock before the year ends? Or anybody have an ideia how long it takes for restock, im targeting an specific lens and waiting patiently for stock to come.



We don't know when items will be restocked. What is the status on the site? Back ordered or out of stock?

Unfortunately shows out of stock I wish had the option to order as backorder at least could be able to order with the current promo price...still have high hopes something shows up to order

Which lens are you looking at? Out-of-stock doesn't usually happen unless there is something different about the one you're looking at (such as a special kit). 


Good morning,

Hi Ravox,

Its unlikely new stock will become available today.  Most Holiday pricing is expected to end today.  


You can click on the Instant and Additional Savings listings to see when promotional pricing might end.  Promotional pricing can run individually or concurrently. Sometimes one or the other gets renewed the following day.  Other times both expire.  Keep checking back.  😀


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We don't usually change SKUs for a sale or promotion. The item number would be the same, and the sale or promo would be applied. The quantity would be exhausted, and the item would go on backorder. Once the inventory becomes available, the backorders fill. 

The only time I've seen out of stock is for refurbished products - because we can't backorder products we don't manufacture, and if an item is no longer being manufactured (in one form or another).

Im looking for the 70-200 f.2.8 refurbished, but im afraid if the promo in fact ends today Im screwed 😞

Refurb out of stock - since we don't manufacture refurbished items (we rely on them returning to us to refurbish), we can't say when they'll come back in stock. The factory service centers and our distribution centers are closed for the New Year holiday. That means nothing will replenish or ship out until, at a minimum Tuesday. 😔


A manufacturer would have to know when used lenses and cameras are going to appear for them to predict availability. How do they know what will be returned to them by dealers, or trade-ins, or wherever?  Selling refurbished items has to be subject to availability, plain and simple.

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