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18 -55 MM Lens is Stuck/Jammed

New Contributor

I dropped by camera  and it landed on its back.  My lens, 18 - 55 MM is now still working but I can not change the distance - it is jammed/stuck.  Is there a way I can unstick it?


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You could trust a professional camera shop to give you an opinion or you could send it to Canon for an inspection and repair.

If it fell hard enough to jam the zoom mechanism, there is good reason to believe that the optics may no longer be properly aligned. Unfortunately, the cost of shipping and repair is likely to be greater than the lens is worth. You should probably get prepared for the likelihood that you will be replacing the lens.

Just my 2 cents.

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If you can't fiddle around with it and get it unstuck, you should probably just pronouce it DOA.  The kit lenses are mostly plastic, it's likely that something broke.  Getting it repaired would cost more than the lens itself.  I had a similar thing happen with my kit lens, while I was traveling.  Forced me to upgrade to a Sigma 17-70.  Best thing I ever did.  Ok, maybe not the best ever, but it sure was a big improvement over the kit lens.

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This is a RIP moment.  Smiley Sad

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