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10-22mm vs 10-18mm For Mirorless


On the fence between these two. Have an upcoming trip to Japan and want to use an ultra wide. I have an R7 and I'm leaning for the 10-22, but being a 20 year old gear, am curious whether the 10-18 would be better. For sake of argument, let's condider the same price for both...




I owned the EF-S 10-18 and shot with it on my T6s.  I used it exclusively for panoramas and rarely shot video with it   I wouldn't spend the extra money on the 10-22.  The 10-18 will perform nearly the same.    

For additional versatility you might consider the RF-S 18-45mm or the RF-S 18-150mm.  Perspective wise, you're not going to notice a dramatic difference between them and the RF-S lenses do not need to be adapted.  The latter 2  will also offer a little more picture taking flexibility.  All offer similar aperture performance and light gathering capability.

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I compared the 2 lenses and decided to purchase the 10-18 and think it's a really nice lens.  I enjoy using it a lot and have gotten very nice results.  Please note that I use it on my T7 DSLR and not on a mirrorless body.

I made decision after reading and viewing a lot of reviews on both lenses. 

I thought Ken Rockwell's review of the 10-22 was particularly on point and even compared the 2 lenses.  It can be found here:

In that review, he said, "This 10-22mm was Canon's very first ultrawide for its APS-C DSLRs.

It was hot stuff when announced in August 2004, but today, the new 10-18mm EF-S is optically superior, smaller, lighter, add Image Stabilization and sells for half the price.

The best thing about this lens is its metal lens mount, slightly faster optical speed and direct mechanical instant manual-focus override. Otherwise, the 10-18mm is better in every other way and half the price."

This is the link to Ken Rockwell's review of the 10-18:

Hope the above helps!