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windows 10 installed now canon mx435 wont work,


just installed windows 10 and now my printer wont work i have tried everything re installing removing but nothing , it just comes up printer in use so i press ok to then have a message say drivers not found, i have gone through settings and they are all good.....anyone else struggling with windows 10.



Rising Star
Do you have any other computers with the printer installed in the house?

Same problem wit a hp laptop. The printer gives an error and does not connent via wifi. When starting windows again the printer start printing half the document.

I have reinstalled the printer drivers but it does not help.


Hi Rach,


As I understand that you have just upgraded to your new Windows 10 on your PC.


Assuming the printer is able to perform a photocopy function and its also working before upgrading your PC to Windows 10.


Try the following steps below,

1) Connect your printer to the network

2) Download and install the driver

3) Perform a print


1) Connect your printer to the network

a) Press "Setup" button

b) Select "WIreless LAN Setup"

c) If you are prompt with the WPS method, press the "Stop" button.

d) Select "Standard Setup"

e) Select "Select Access Point"

f) Select your wifi

g) Input your Wifi password (if any)


2) Download and install the driver

a) Download the driver

b) Run the installation

c) Select "Wireless LAN Connection"

* Your printer should be detected, if not select "Set up printer network connection via USB"

** Connect your USB cable and await detection

d) Completed the installation

(You will be prompt to remove the USB cable once you have successfully completed the installation)


3) Perform a print

Perform a print to determine the success of the installation


If you are encouter any error message, kindly advise which step was your failure.


Hope it helps,


Best Regards,


Installation is no problem. The printer is found via network and installed.
It goes wrong after Print. A Windows screen appears with an error.

Hi jolandab,


May I know what is the application are you prining from? 


Is it Microsoft Word, Excel?


If yes, can you confirm whether only 1 document is affected or several?


Best Regards,


Hi KahVeen


We tried the same document from Word. It has 9 pages. When de computer restarts the printer start to print but stops at page 6. I noticed that the printer does not show a screen in windows when it starts printing when we restart. I guess the printer does not receive the print task.

We are also not able to see the ink level because the computer cannot communicate with the printer. However during the installation the communication is fine.