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"no paper in lower cassette" Pixma MX922

Occasional Contributor

I have cleaned the rollers 5 times. I put in fresh paper, I made sure the paper guides are in the right place. I made sure the computer settings are correct (paper size, lower cassette, plain paper...) and it still says no paper in the lower cassette. 


New Contributor

I'm getting the same issue.   My lower tray has plenty of paper but it gives me the same error message.   I followed the steps above, but it didn't help.     My printer is about 7 or 8 years old, so should I just break down and get a new one?   I love this printer, and want another like it.   I've been pricing them and they're between $300 and $400.  Woman Surprised   Almost double what I paid originally.   Is Canon not making the MX922 anymore?  And if not, what is a good replacement for a lower cost.   I have off brand ink cartridges that I'd love to use up but they'll only work on certain Canon Models. 



TYIA!  Woman Very Happy

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Mee too