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mx922 printer fails to print 8.5"x11" paper (1/2 of the time) due to "no paper in upper tray"


My mx922 printer fails to print 8.5"x11" paper on a consistent basis.  Half the time it gives error message "no paper in upper tray".  How do I instruct printer to always feed larger paper from the lower tray.  I did not recieve manual in box nor have I been able to download manual.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello cmc.


The unit will feed from the upper tray with a smaller paper size or a photo paper is selected.


Please check the settings in your document or program before printing.  Check to make sure that the letter paper size and that the plan paper media type are selected.


If additional assistance is needed, feel free to call us at 1-800-OKCANON.

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I have the same problem when printing from certain programs like Safari and Acrobat, but then when I try to print the same document from other programs like Preview, it prints just fine. I've checked all the print settings and they are all set the same. I don't know why the printer is trying to print from the upper tray when the document and print settings are for a standard 8.5x11. Can you please offer any other assistance? Thanks

I've got the same problem. Did anyone ever answer your question?

I'm having this problem as well. The MX922 insists it won't print because there's no paper in the upper tray when I want to use the lower tray. How do I tell it what I want it to do?

Hi copoll,


To resolve this, please place paper in the lower cassette, making sure that the photo paper or plain paper such as A4, B5, A5, 8" x 10" (20 x 25 cm), Letter, or Legal, or envelopes are loaded.

When the paper is in place, align the paper guides with the both edges of the paper and the press the OK button to dismiss the error.

Once set, please make sure that the printer driver is set to the lower tray:

 1.  Click on Start and then Control Panel.

 2.  Click on Printers.

 3.  Right click the PIXMA MX922 and left click on Printing Preferences.

 4.  Click on the Main tab.

 5.  Please set the Media Type to Plain Paper and the Paper Source to Cassette.

 6.  Click Apply and then OK.

Please attempt to print.

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I have a MAC - how do you find the settings from a MAC?  I've gone into Printers & Scanners but only get an option to open the print que or look at options and supplies.  None of them give me an option to select paper size or tray.  This is a brand new printer for me - I am so frustrated!!!  The upper tray doesn't even give an option to load regular paper.  I'd be happy to feed it page by page at this point if I only had the option!


Please help!!


Same issue here - please help, Canon! This is very frustrating!

Are you using the right driver?

The latest one from the product's drivers page, yes.