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mp530 uses up photo ink


Keeps using up photo ink even though I never print photos.  I do go in and set printer to text only but it goes right back to photo.  Very annoying to be stopped when ink runs out.



Hi rdeanh,


There are several things that may cause the color inks to be used when printing:


1. Duplex printing is selected. If you print double-sided pages, the color inks will be used to produce the black text on the page, even if the grayscale option is selected.


2. A paper type other than PLAIN PAPER is selected. Any other paper type selected other than plain paper will utilize the color inks to produce the black and other text and images on the page.


3. Some web pages and PDF files have coding embedded in them that will constitute the use color inks to produce the text on the printout, even if the grayscale option is selected. In these cases, we cannot force the printer to print using only the black ink.


4. Our printers have a print head cleaning function that is performed automatically as needed to ensure the inkjet nozzles are dispensing the ink correctly.  This process uses a small amount of all inks in the printer.


Should you receive a low/out of ink warning and need to continue printing and using the other functions of the printer, you can temporarily disable the ink level detection function of the printer until you are able to replace the ink.  To do this, please press and hold down the STOP/RESET or RESUME/CANCEL button on the printer for at least 7 seconds, then release it. Please note that you will need to do this procedure for each ink tank that is low or out of ink.


Once the low/out of ink tanks are replaced with Canon genuine ink tanks, the ink level detection function of the printer will be re-enabled.


Hope this helps!


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