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iP8750 insists on printing in colour when black and white/grayscale is selected


I'm on Windows 11, Canon Pixma iP8750.

I have run out of colour ink except for some yellow, but I don't plan on printing colour for the foreseeable so haven't replaced.

This started a few months ago, I mostly print out postage labels which are all B&W except for the company logo. I always select 'Black and White' and that worked, but then it changed for some reason, the company logo was yellow and the other things were noticeably different (fainter) but still legible. 

I just printed out a form that is mostly shades of orange and it is a faint yellow, despite me selecting 'Black and White'. The ink monitor says that I have plenty of the two black inks, so I don't know what is happening here.

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