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how can I clear black ink running low on y PIXMA MX450 series, just replaced the cartridge



Hi ted48,


When new ink cartridges are installed, the printer will automatically detect and update the ink levels; there is not a manual way of resetting the unit to recognize the updated ink levels. 

This issue may occur if the ink cartridges are replaced prior to the ink being completely empty.  It is recommended to only replace the ink when it shows the ink is completely empty.  You can continue printing when the ink is low.  If you replace the ink too soon, it will not register the fact that a new ink has been installed.  You may continue to use the printer even though it's not indicating the ink cartridge is full.  When you get an error stating that the ink is empty, just take the ink cartridge out, turn the unit off, turn it back on, and place the ink cartridge back inside.  It should then update the ink levels accurately.  

Alternatively, if you have an cartridge that is actually empty, you may be able to put it in the printer so it recognizes the empty cartridge and provides the ink cartridge empty warning.  You would then replace it with the new ink cartridge and the printer should determine that it was replaced and provide a full ink level indication again.

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