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canoscan 9000f code:5,155,55


Hello all you Canon forum people,


My new Demo version of the Canoscan 9000F showed up today and as expected it didn't come with all the pieces.  Thats OK because I new the software on the CD was out of date as the on line specs show it supported Windows Vista.  I new I would need to get updated software for Windows 8.1 (64 bit).  No big deal.  I also had to get the USP 2.0 High speed cable which I had heard (at least for old USB) that the cable length makes a difference.  So, I received a 10 foot cable today,  just in time.  I down loaded and installed the driver and software only to find that the driver was already out of date.  Driver update was also installed and I wondered why.  When things did't work and after trying a number of things, I hit the driver update and sure enough it stated my driver was already out of date.  After letting driver update do its thing and trying all the other things I did before, I'm still getting the same code:5,155,55. 


The dialog box that comes up says:  Cannot communicate with scanner, cable may be disconnected or scanner may be turned off.  Check status.  Scan driver will be closed code:5,155,55.


I just tried connecting using a different USB port on my computer and got the same error but this time code:2,155,33.


I know the computer is detecting the scanner as Windows comes out with a tone, indicating a new device has been plugged in.  I confirm this by looking in the device manager pain and the Canoscan 9000F is there.


The Canon WEB sight doesn't have a trouble shooting page for any of its products as far as I could see but I did find an on line user manual, but, I can't find a trouble shooting topic in the manual except one stating that if things don't work, and you've upgraded to a new version of Windows, then uninstall the driver first.  Then unistall Canon MP Navigator and reinstall them.  But, guess what?  Theres no unistall for the driver I down loaded and the generic unistaller on my PC doesn't list the driver as something I can uninstall.


They do say (and all manufactures do) that you should only use the USB cable that came with the product.  Who are they fooling.  Usb stands for "UNIVERSAL".  So, the only thing I'm left with is (and this sounds dumb to me), could my 10 foot cable be too long?


BTW,  I'm using the USB ports on the top front of by desk top PC, not one of those in the back.  This should not make a difference but I'm desperate.


Thanks for your help,


Paul Mighetto


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Paul Mighetto,


Do you have a shorter USB cable (6' or less) that you could try?  The use of longer USB cables can cause communication errorls like the one you are experiencing.  You are correct, you do not have to use the USB cable that ships with the CanoScan 9000F.  You can use any compatible USB cable with your scanner.

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